Q & A: Just Before the First Piano Lesson

Question 1: My child was learning with another teacher so she is a transfer student. What shall I bring to my child’s piano lesson with the new piano teacher?
Answer 1: You should bring the piano books your child was using previously. Your new piano teacher needs to find out what your child already knows.

Question 2: Should I buy a piano before I book piano lessons? Can my piano teacher give me some advice with regard to buying a piano?
Answer 2: You should buy a piano prior to registering your child for piano lessons. If you buy a piano first, you and your child are more likely to be serious about taking piano lessons in the first place. If you book piano lessons first to see if your child likes it before buying a piano, the level of commitment is most likely to be not very high.

There are some great new and used pianos, which are being sold online and at music stores in the Greater Vancouver area. Once you know your budget and your family’s level of commitment, then your piano teacher should be able to give you an advice with regard to buying a piano. Your piano teacher should be able to help you find a good piano technician or piano salesperson.