A Happy Piano Student Learning Online

I hope this post finds all of you well. I started social distancing a week before the spring break started by staying home. And I only went out a few times since then for grocery shopping.

I would like to thank those of you who came to my piano studio at the beginning of spring break for piano lessons. I have done the best I possibly could do clean and disinfect my piano, piano keys and door knobs.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 precautions, I had to stop offering my usual face-to-face piano lessons at my piano studio since the middle of spring break. Otherwise, there is no way I can stay 2 metres (or approximately 6 feet) away from my piano students for social distancing. I have to safeguard everyone’s wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic. And I need to minimise any risk of my piano studio contributing to the spread of the coronavirus.

I have started to teach piano online after a few parents asked me to do it. My goal is to minimise an indefinite disruption of piano lessons and keep my piano students stay motivated in their music learning.

Although the current situation looks grim, I, as a piano teacher, consider it as an opportunity for me to embrace new technologies and learn alternative approaches that will enhance my piano teaching.

Piano students will need a laptop, smartphone or tablet to login to their piano lesson. Online piano lessons will happen via video link.

I would like to thank all piano students and families for your ongoing support and understanding during this difficult time as we transition to a new form of education. And I will miss some of my piano students who are unable to join me for online piano lessons.

I am still accepting new piano students, who would like to start their piano lessons, from April 2020. If you are interested in booking an online piano lesson, please text me at 778-848-7350 or send me an email at pianoenquiry@gmail.com.