Thinking about buying a grand piano in Vancouver but do not want to ask what exactly a digital piano is?

You want your child to take piano lessons. You may want to buy at least a digital piano before the first piano lesson. Perhaps you may want to wait to buy a digital piano or an acoustic piano until you know for sure that your child is interested and wants to continue taking piano lessons.

How Do the Pedals on a Digital Piano Work?

One of the first questions my new young piano student almost always asks me is about pedals. What are they? And how do they work? I can talk about pedals if you would like but if you want to get right to the basics of playing the piano, you should watch the YouTube video below and save your time.

How does digital piano’s pedals work? The following YouTube video was created by MegaMusicOnline in Australia. What I liked about this YouTube video in particular is that, unlike other YouTube videos which only mention acoustic upright and grand pianos’ pedals, this video only mentions the digital piano’s pedals.

Types of Digital Pianos

If you do want to buy a digital piano, what type of digital pianos are out there? Apparently, according to the YouTube video, there are 4 different types: upright digital pianos, portable digital pianos, stage digital pianos and grand digital pianos. This YouTube video was created by MusicRadar. MusicRadar Basics is brought to you in association with Roland, which produces high-quality electronic music instruments.

How Is Digital Piano Made?

Are you sure that you want to buy an electric keyboard and not an acoustic piano? How is digital piano made? The following YouTube video was created by MusicMarketingTV. They dropped in at Farfisa factory and observed how some digital keyboards called the DP-300 digital keyboards were handmade in Italy.

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