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West Vancouver piano teacher with an ECE provides private piano lessons (online or face-to-face) to piano students ages 3 and up for Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations (RCM exam) preparation

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Piano Factory Tours & Piano Museums Around the World

Piano Factory Tours & Museums Around the World If you love pianos, why don’t you visit piano factories and museums around the world? Yamaha’s Kakegawa Grand Piano Factory Tour & Innovation Road Museum (Japan) Yamaha Piano Factory Tour Address: Kakegawa Factory Harmony Plaza1480 Ryoke, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka 436-0038, Japan Information:>> Yamaha Piano Factory Tour (Yamaha’s Webpage, […]

What is a Grand Piano?

Thinking about buying a grand piano in Vancouver but do not want to ask what exactly a grand piano is? How Does a Grand Piano Work? How does a grand piano work? As a piano teacher, I teach my piano students how to play the piano. Unfortunately, I do not get to spend too much […]

What is an Upright Piano?

Thinking about buying an upright piano in Vancouver but do not want to ask what exactly a grand piano is? You think that the sound of the upright piano sounds better than the digital piano. You are thinking about purchasing an upright piano for your child. Based on my experience as a piano teacher for […]

What is a Digital Piano?

Thinking about buying a grand piano in Vancouver but do not want to ask what exactly a digital piano is? You want your child to take piano lessons. You may want to buy at least a digital piano before the first piano lesson. Perhaps you may want to wait to buy a digital piano or […]

Play the Floor Electric Keyboard Even If You Don’t Dance

As a child, I enjoyed watching Gene Kelly and his tap dancing in films. The YouTube video below is the dance number “Moses Supposes” from Singing in the Rain (1952). Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor are doing highly energetic tap dancing. From 1930s to 1950s, movie musical was enormously popular. MGM wowed the world with […]
A Happy Piano Student Learning Online

COVID-19: Moving to Online Piano Lessons

I hope this post finds all of you well. I started social distancing a week before the spring break started by staying home. And I only went out a few times since then for grocery shopping. I would like to thank those of you who came to my piano studio at the beginning of spring […]
Washing Hands

COVID-19: Piano Care

I was wondering what would be the best way to disinfect my piano during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. You need to know which disinfectant products to use on your piano. Otherwise the surface of your piano and keys may be damaged. Luckily, the Piano Technicians Guild is making some suggestions, which would help piano teachers […]
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Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons

Why should you get your child to take lessons? SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT* Learn to be respectfulIt is important for your child to learn to interact with adults other than you. A good piano teacher will help your child build a good teacher-student relationship, which will make him feel comfortable expressing her thoughts verbally, expressing herself musically […]

Q & A: Just Before the First Piano Lesson

Question 1: My child was learning with another teacher so she is a transfer student. What shall I bring to my child’s piano lesson with the new piano teacher?Answer 1: You should bring the piano books your child was using previously. Your new piano teacher needs to find out what your child already knows. Question […]