Developmentally Appropriate Piano Lessons for Children Ages 3 and Up in West Vancouver

The music lessons, which are offered at Yuki’s Piano Studio in West Vancouver, are developmentally appropriate for beginners or transfer students ages 3 and up. Each lesson will be tailored based on each student’s personality, learning style, cultural background and musical aptitude.

Yuki’s Piano Studio offers Zoom or Skype online piano lessons and face-to-face piano lessons.

Private Piano Lessons for Child Beginner Students

There are a variety of piano method books available. At Yuki’s Piano Studio, piano teacher Yuki use Piano Adventures by Nancy and Randall Faber.

Faber’s piano method book is very popular in North America and is listed as one of the piano method books in the Piano Syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music (“RCM”). This means that you can use the Faber piano method books to prepare for either Preparatory A level or Preparatory B level of the RCM exam.

My First Piano Adventure is great for beginner piano students ages 4 to 6.

Piano Adventures is great for beginner piano students ages 6 and up.

Accelerated Piano Adventures is great for beginner piano students ages 11 and up.

The beginner piano student needs to learn at least the following:
* keyboard geography (the names of the keys on the keyboard)
* pentascale patterns (the names of the hand positions)
* full octave scales, contrary motion scales and triads with inversions (the technical facility and proficiency)
* note reading (the music alphabet)
* rhythm (the duration of the notes)

Moving Forward: For Serious Piano Students

Gradually, many piano students of piano teacher Yuki transition from using piano method books to the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) certificate program.

Moving Forward: For Piano Students, Who Want to Continue to Play for Fun

Some piano students continue on with their piano method book and learn their favourite pieces. For example, some of Yuki’s piano students enjoy learning Disney and Studio Ghibli animation pieces rather than taking piano exams.

This piano book is called Ghibli Best Stories. The pieces were composed by Joe Hisaichi. The piano book contains Studio Ghibli’s animation pieces.

So far, my piano students enjoyed playing One Summer’s Day from Spirited Away, Confessions in the Moonlight from Castle in the Sky and Merry-Go-Round of Life from Howl’s Moving Castle.

This piano book contains Star Wars piano solo pieces, which were composed by John Williams. Male piano students’ favourite is, of course, The Imperial March.

This is a sheet music of the theme from The Simpsons, which was composed by Danny Elfman. The tune, “The Simp-sons!” reminds piano students of “Maria” of West Side Story.

Private Piano Lessons for Child Transfer Students

If the piano student has moved, etc., and needs to change to another piano teacher, then please bring your previous piano lesson materials to your first piano lesson.

Perhaps, it may be beneficial to continue with the same method book from former piano teachers.

But that is not necessarily the case. You may need to change to another piano method book altogether or need additional pieces, etudes, technical requirements or sight reading or ear training exercises.

The following is a list of some other piano method books, which are also listed as potential piano method books, which can be used in the Piano Syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music:

* The ABC of Piano Playing
* Alfred’s Premier Piano Course
* Bastien Piano Basics
* Celebrate Piano!
* Hal Leonard Student Piano Library
* John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course
* Music for Young Children
* Music Pathways
* The Music Tree
* Piano Discoveries
* Piano Town
* Succeeding at the Piano
* Suzuki Piano School, Revised Edition
* Teaching Little Fingers to Play More

Music Theory Lessons

Yuki’s Piano Studio offers Music Theory lessons in addition to piano lessons. Piano teacher Yuki uses a variety of music theory books.