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West Vancouver piano teacher with an ECE provides private piano lessons (online or face-to-face) to piano students ages 3 and up for Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations (RCM exam) preparation

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Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons

Why should you get your child to take lessons? SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT* Learn to be respectfulIt is important for your child to learn to interact with adults other than you. A good piano teacher will help your child build a good teacher-student relationship, which will make him feel comfortable expressing her thoughts verbally, expressing herself musically […]
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Things to Consider Before Taking Piano Lessons

There are certain things you should consider before you get your child to take piano lessons. And do let your piano teacher know so that she knows what to expect. 1. What is Your or Your Child’s Goal for Taking Piano Lessons?Does your child really want to learn to play the piano? It is easy […]